Finding Advanced Medals

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Finding Advanced Medals

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:56 pm

As I had mentioned in a previous guide, gaining medals on server 89 is significantly less due to the drop rate. I have found success in farming Level 9 and 10 Lake, Swamp and Grasslands as well as Flats.

Always allow troops to fully regenerate in an NPC or valley or you WILL NOT have a high chance of getting a medal. I repeat, always allow the troops in a valley or NPC to fully regenerate or you will lower your chances of getting a medal by a lot. *Note* Troops are fully regenerated after 1 hour of being defeated.

How to obtain the medals you need:
We will list five or less of the most likely places you will find the respective medal. The first is the highest probability, the second is the next highest, the third the next highest, and so on. Obviously, the first place we list is your best bet of getting that medal. You can of course obtain that medal a different way, but these are the most likely and the Hods way of doing it.

Freedom Medals:
1. Attack any level 5 NPC with 350-500 ballistae (depending on your hero’s attack level).
2. Attack any level 8 valley with at least 7,500 archers.
3. Attack any level 7 valley with at least 3,000 archers.

Nation Medals:
1. After completely wiping out a level 10 NPC, allow 40,000 warriors to regenerate. Attack and defeat the level 10 NPC with 40,000 warriors regenerated.

Justice Medals:
1. Attack any level 10 NPC with at least 90,000 archers and a few thousand warriors, pikemen, and swordsmen. Do this at your own risk, and only do it if your hero’s attack is very high.

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