Multiple Accounts Ban

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Multiple Accounts Ban

Post  Goddiva on Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:00 pm

Evony has started to sweep other servers and are catching multiple account holders. It is unlikely they are doing this by tracking you through your IP address since individuals with IP Changers have been banned.

If you receive a notice from Evony, and IF you can, you will need to contact the individual through the email address the account was originally set up with. The secondary email address is not good enough and will be rejected by Evony! Once you log out or maintenance occurs, you will be locked out of the account.

Although we cannot pinpoint how they are tracking them down, here are a couple of suggestions to reduce the red flags that Evony may watching through the use of a "helper":

1. Change your "config maintenance:#" login time so that it is different for every account. Start with your main account logging in first and delay the login time between other accounts by a minute or two.

2. Change your smart farming to 1:
- Click on "Global Settings"
- Under the "General" tab, "Smart NPC Farming (Higher is better):", select "Calculate Number
of Transporters Needed (Unless set explicitly) Automatically
- Make sure your NPC troops line is present "npctroops 5 b:400,t:400"
3. Evony scans chat, mail and whispers. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER speak explicitly about YAEB through the BOT or in game!

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