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YAEB V.2504

Post  Goddiva on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:40 pm

IMPORTANT: If you did not use the 2479 pre-release or late, The MOST IMPORTANT thing to read and understand before you download, is that storage locations for your goals, global settings, etc. have been moved internally by the bot. What this means is the bot needs to be able to FIND your old stuff or you will lose your goals. Read this very carefully before you run this new bot the first time:


If you are currently using a binary version (exe/app instead of webbrowser one) then you should be fine to just drop this one in and go.

If you are currently using a swf version (runs as a webpage in you firefox, chrome, IE, opera, etc.) then you need to do the following steps...
•Download the .swf build of the bot here
•Place the .swf in your current bot folder and let it overwrite the old one, or delete the old one and move this one there
•Run the .swf like you normally do, from this same location
•The bot will find and migrate your goals from the old location to the new one

Uploading the files is not possible at this time. Please send me a PM and I will email the folder to you.

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