Sample Warehouse City Goals

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Sample Warehouse City Goals

Post  Goddiva on Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:24 pm

NOTE: You MUST have a warehouse in the city

config comfort:1,hiding:1,troopqueuetime:.5,gate:0.25,hero:1,troopdelbadque:1,reservedbarrack:1
config keepreports:1,npclimit:9999,wallqueuetime:.25,embassy:1,maintenance:30
config trainint:1,training:1,troopsusepopmax:0,keepatthome:0
config trade:1
config valley:10
comfortpolicy 15 20 popraise
//config nomayor:1,trainpol:1

taxpolicy 20 100

warehousepolicy 34 33 0 33

defensepolicy /junktroop:500 /usespeech:5 /usetruce:2 /usewarhorn:1 /usecorselet:1 /usepenicillin:0

tradepolicy /type:gold /min:80m
tradepolicy /type:food /min:3d /max:4b /batch:1m
tradepolicy /type:wood /min:10m /max:350m /batch:100k
tradepolicy /type:stone /min:250m /max:500m /batch:1m
tradepolicy /type:iron /min:5m /max:350m /batch:100k

rallypolicy b:4 n:10:2 t:1 r:1 n:9 a:1

processingpolicy n r t b a
//perform functions in this order: h = traininghero t = sendtroops b = buildnpc r = sendresources a = valleyacquisition n = npcfarming

distancepolicy 10 20 15 25 30
//distancepolicy npc_farming npc_building medal_farming valley_capturing map_scanning

valleytroops 10 s:100000
//send these troops to capture valley 10

config buildnpc:15
npcbuildpolicy /level:10 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:5
npcbuildpolicy /level:5 /mindistance:6 /maxdistance:15
//build lvl 5 npos netween 6 and 20 miles

gatepolicy 2 2 2 2 2
//0=bot decides 1=always open 2= always closed

fortification ab:1000,tre:11000

troop s:200k,b:5k,t:50k

npc10limit a:130000
//farmingpolicy /level:10 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:5 /farmingcycle:8
//npc10heroes ATTKHERO1,ATTKHERO2
//npctroops 10 a:92000,wo:1500,warr:1500,s:3000,t:2000

config npc:5
farmingpolicy /level:5 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:10 /farmingcycle:4
npctroops 5 b:500,t:500

keepresource OTHERCITY f:50m,w:5m,i:5m 5m
//OtherCity = name of where you want the resources to be sent (Use Coords if the receiving city is not in the same account)

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