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Evony Attack Waves

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Posted on July 17, 2011 by Vi

Spam wave – 1 scout and 1 hero. Dual purpose wave. First lots of spam makes war reports difficult to read and for an enemies to time defenses. Second is if someone plans to send a big hero on the attack the purpose of spam is to fill the feasting hall up so their hero cannot get captured. Never send a good hero as a spam wave.

Breaker / wave – Typically 100-500 cavalry,cataphrax and scouts. The purpose of these waves is to break down the enemies traps, abatis and trebuchet. This is valuable because when there is no trabs, abatis or trebuchets the range of the battlefield is reduced from 5200 to 1700. This means that attacking units are which range of the defender from round 1. For more in depth view this - Evony Abatis Breakdown Rate

Warrior Wave – Large some of warriors send with the purpose of killing cav and phrax. This is done to set up effective follow up waves.

Cleaner wave – A cleaner wave can vary between a small amount of archers to a full arch rainbow. Typically it would be layered with 250 of everything and the rest archers. All layers of fodder is simply used as a diversion while the attacking archers kill the incoming units.

Exchange Wave – This wave takes advantage of the movement of troops to get archers in position to exchange fire with the defending archers. In order to properly take advantage of this you would want to kill fodder in front of archers. You would typically proceed this wave with a Mech or a Cleaner wave.

Scout Bomb – Large amount of scouts send on an attack mission. A quick and effective way to typically lower someones archer count. Scout bombs target the unit of the highest attack value. That means a units attack * the number of units. In most cases this will be archers. A common defense against scout bombs is having a large sum of units with a higher attack value.

Sword Bomb – Only perform when there are no traps,abatis or trebs and you’re trying to kill support layers to get to the archers. While making use of your swords is good this wave is not nearly effective as pike bombs.

Pike Bomb – Only perform when there are no traps,abatis or trebs and you’re trying to kill support layers to get to the archers. This wave can be devistating if layered correctly. Pikes are fairly fast and hit hardest among melee ground units. They are great for clearing the way for jack or phrax hits. The are best to be layered in Viof. Pike bombs are anti war city and can be used just like jack attacks.

Splitter aka 49er – This attack should only be done during certain situations. This attack is great when fighting an online defender that like to switch between ranged defense or compact defense, it is also a good attack when you’ve cleared someone and could be expecting their team mates to reinforce them. This is basically a combination of an exchange wave and a pike bomb. Typical layers of an attack would be 49k pike, 49k archers, 490 cav, 490 phrax and 100 scouts. This attack is also known as a 49er.

Jack Attack / Jaq Attack – Should only be done with the defender has no traps, abatis or trebuchets. Just one of these sets the battlefield range to 5200 when you need it at 1700. Make sure that they have no supporting melee layers and just ranged units. Sending just 1 scout and the rest cav will do the trick. This works because the rule with ranged units says that it must first attack ranged then by unit from fastest to slowest. Scouts hold position until all units are dead. The defending archers waste an entire round shooting 1 scout while the cav rip through the archers. Typically this point is reached by people sending cleaner waves first and then breaker waves until trap/abatis and trebs are gone. Once this is accomplished send the jack attack.

Viof attack – Similar to the jack attack but this adds 1 catapult and 1 ballista to this. It exploits the fact the defenders must attack ranged units first then fastest to slowest. These attacks can kill 10-20:1 archers but adding catapults and ballistas greatly slows the attack down. The defender must have no traps, abatis or trebuchets for this to be effective. Use this against very large archer or ranged defenses.

Mech attack – Typical wave will consist of about 30-40% ballistas and/or catapults. The large remaining majority of the wave will have archers, pikes or scouts with 250 of every other unit. This attack is primarly a layer killer. It’s like a cleaner wave but much better. Mechs outrange even your archers so you can take massive losses against a wave like this. For more information about Mech Waves view this – Evony Mech Waves

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