Pike Bomb Attacks

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Pike Bomb Attacks

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Posted on October 1, 2011 by Vi

Common names or variations:
■ Pike Bomb (pb wave)
■ Extension Bomb (xb wave)
■ SAR attack (SAR)

Pike are probably one of the most underused and underestimated unit to attack with in Evony. If layered correctly and done under the correct circumstances a pike bomb can be extremely devastating. One of the biggest misunderstanding people have is that the unit armor makes a difference when attacking. The truth is that if you are attacking a base with more then enough troops to one shot you it will do nothing for you. If you are going to have to use a pike bomb then you will be let’s put it that way. Also consider that the unit life doesn’t matter when attacking because they are still able to kill all your troops in one direct round.

Why load up on Pike?
■Pikes have speed considerable speed
■Pikes hit very hard
■Pikes do additional damage to cavalry and cataphrax
■Pikes upkeep is cheaper then most units
■Pike are a good alternative to jack attacks or jaq attacks
■Most defenders are unfamiliar with this attack
■Pike have defensive bonuses that actually make them stronger then swords when combined with a strong intel hero.

So the point of this attack is to hit and hit hard because you will buy yourself some rounds with proper layering. When layered correctly the pike will be untouched by ranged units allowing them to go head to head with other melee units and then sometimes ranged. You will face two scenarios. These attacks are made for players running compact defense(CD) but can hurt ranged player as well.

Attacks Versus Range
The only real point of this is to kill cavalry and cataphrax. You can get to other units but this is not a cost effective way of killing troops other then the cav/phrax. You setup would typically just be pure pike as layering wouldn’t be important because of the battlefield length.

Attacks Versus Compact Defense(CD)
The sole goal of these attacks is to kill all the melee troops that stand in the way between your troops and their ranged troops. Killing these troops will open up the defender to getting jack attacked though important to note it is possible to jack attack using pike as well. To make this attack as effective as possible it is wise to first kill the defenders archer towers. This will eliminate one defending ranged attacking wave. So here is how and why you layer. The defenders defense follows a set of engagement rules to all troops that are in range. Since the base is in compact the defender ranged units are within range to attack you from round one. Since ranged units must first engage ranged units and then melee units from fastest to slowest we will exploit this rule. So we would add “1″ ballista, catapult, archer and then “1″ scout. The defenders ranged units will waste as many rounds to first kill the ranged units and then the fastest unit being the scout. The less types of defending ranged units the better, also if the defender has a low amount of ballistas or another ranged unit it is sometimes wise to increase your ranged layers to numbers larger then they have to add additional rounds since they cant kill the troop in one round. Another thing to note is you can add cav only into the attack and it still be effective.

Example of the wave ( typically 99600 pike, 100 arch, 100 ball, 100 pult, 100 scout)

When attacking other players remember that timing is key. If you allow someone to layer “1′s” you will kill the layer only and will waste a lot of pikes for nothing. It is sometimes a good idea to keep one city slot open when attacking to spam 250 cav/phrax and 1 scout to kill “1″ layers. Also watch for someone that converts their defense to ranged. A suggestion to counter that is to plan mechs around pike bombs or do a pike mech. Bottom line though is if you want this attack to be effective you must keep them in city, time well and stop them from layering on you. Look for players that have war cities loaded with ranged troops and no “melee wall” to protect them. If you clear layers and start to slip in some jack attacks or phrax smacks you will devastate someone.

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