Attacking with Mech's

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Attacking with Mech's

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Posted on October 7, 2011 by Vi

Common names or variations:
■ Mech Wave
■ Pike Mech (pmech)
■ Loaded Mech or Scout Mech (lmech,smech)
■ Mech Exchange (mex)

Mech waves are extremely devastating if combined with a strong hero. This is one of the strongest attacks in the game because of the attack. A good mech wave will always consist of ballistas and catapults and often be layered. To get the most out of your mech wave you will want to find targets that are in a ranged defense and have a lot of melee troops. Basically non ranged troops however mechs will hit archers. Everyone has their own formula on a mech but most forumulas simply going in blind are 35k ballistas and 10k pults with 250 layer of everything. Make sure that you only send heroes you can afford to lose but you should try to send a strong hero.

Why load up on Mechanics?
■ Ballistas and Catapults hit very hard
■ Mechs out range all melee and archers
■ Slow speeds work to their advantage by staying distanced from incoming attackers
■ Defending against mechs requires sufficient knowledge
■ Chances of losing a hero are decreased because of ability to kill massive amount of troops at one time.

Mech Wave-

The bulk of a basic mech wave would be catapults, ballistas and archers. You would send a wave like this if your defender was in ranged and had massive amounts of fodder/melee. The purpose here of course would be to clear all units leading up to the archers. To maximize this wave you will want to layer this so that defending attacker must wave time killing the layers leading up to your mech. I would layer this with 250 of each type of troop as that seems to be a sufficient number to bypass traps/abatis. The number is technically smaller but 250 is easy to remember. Adding more then 250 layers is simply a waste as they will not increase the attack. When possible you want to use a calculator to have an idea about the outcome of your attack. Here is an example of this attack.

Pike Mech-

You would basically subsitute archers for pike as you would guess. This is basically a mech with a pike bomb. The advantage of this is you are meching and pike bombing with a strong hero so you will do good damage. This is an attack you would want to only do against someone in compact defense. Preferably do this to someone with large amount of cavalry and cataphrax. There is a preference on layering with this attack. You could layer your waves like a typical pike bomb with mechs or go full layering. Full layering was used just in case the defender converted to ranged. This can be a subtle attack at weakening someones melee defense without them realizing it. You could chase an attack like this with pike bomb or jack attacks. You could also use cavalry and phrax as well. Pike just happen to be cheaper to use. Here is am example.

Scout Mech-

This is a mech that uses scouts instead of archers. Use this attack against a ranged defender that has a lot of mechs. There is one specific reason you would do this. This is an anti ballista defense or catapult defense wave. You would want to make sure you could kill all the fodder/melee and archers between defending mechs. Basically the way this works is the scouts will wait where the troops had lined up for round one. Once all other units have been killed the scouts will act like a scoutbomb. Because of round progression they will simply hit the unit that is farthest out on the battlefield. If you have not killed all melee they will hit them instead. Here is an example.

Mech Exchange-

This is an interesting attack because it takes the same principle of the exchange/trade fire wave but adds mechs to it. You only want to use this attack if all fodder has been killed BUT warriors. It is sometimes common to see a player load up on millions of warriors to protect archers. A typical mech would get stuck killing all the warriors. This will exploit the attacking distance and only waste one attacking round against warriors. This can take a player down real quick if they are using a warrior shield with very few archers behind it. Once you kill the ranged you will follow with a regular mech to do massive damage against warriors. Here is an example.

Attacks Versus Range
All types of mechs will be good for this but a pike mech unless they have an absurd amount of cavalry and cataphrax. Mechs are ranged units so this is the best spot for them.

Attacks Versus Compact Defense(CD)
Mechs will still do well against this but to get massive kills you will want to stay at ranged. The best mech for this environment would be a pike mech or a mech exchange.

This is a very powerful but an expensive attack. You may have tons of mechs to use but this is typically only a lead attack and then chased by other waves. Use this attack with big heroes against massive fodder and you will kill massive troops. Few other attacks can kill so many troops in just one attack.

Feel free to post other great mech hits below or send them to me. Please make sure they are evonyurl’d.

Highlighted Mechs-

[][/url] - Nutter

[][/url] - TheHermit

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