Viof (Jack, Jaq or Phract) Attack

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Viof (Jack, Jaq or Phract) Attack

Post  Goddiva on Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:56 am

Posted on October 18, 2011 by Vi

Common names or variations:
■ Viof
■ Dirty Jack /Jaq
■ Pure Jack /Jaq

The combination of the Viof I felt needed to be in it’s section because it is an advanced attack. This attack can kill massive amount of troops if timed properly and done right. The reason this attack is so deadly is like the jack attack it exploits a defenders defense even further when they are in compact defense.


As mentioned in the jack attack post the defenders rule of engagement is as follows. The defender must first attack range units then melee units from fastest to slowest. Now consider it does not mention how many ranged units it must attack just that it must always engage them first. Lets consider the ranged units we have then the very fastest unit.

1. Catapults
2. Ballistas
3. Archers
4. Scouts

This means you can buy up to 4 possible rounds untouched assuming the defender only had 1 set of ranged units. The more ranged units the defender has it will decrease the amount of rounds you can go untouched. A strong suggestion is always kill the defenders archer towers first, that is a ranged unit you can immediately get too if they are in compact. Most times you will only to layer “1″ of each ranged unit and scout. However for example, if your defender had say 1m million archers, 10 ballistas, and 10 pults it would be in your advantage to purposely outlayer them with say 100 each of your range to add addition rounds.

Setting up the VIOF

Because there are mechs in this attack this is NOT a surprise attack and they will see this coming though this is the type of attack that can confuse the uneducated. Proceed this attack with breaker waves to make sure they stay in compact and also prevent them from layering with “1s”. One thing that I like to do with this attack is either lead with a pike bomb or even a pike mech as a mech can prevent them from wanting to go into range while pike doing major damage if there are layers in compact. You will notice the pike mech uses the Viof as well. One great tactic that can be done is purposely going several small waves of 10k cav or phrax as it looks small like spam and nonthreatening. You can place several other legitimate waves around it to concern them more with ranged attacks. Did I mention this attack can kill upwards of over 20:1 if it hits? Look for opportunities to use this attack and you can have massive reports.


As an attacker layer this attack right and know why you are doing it and you will have great success. As a defender recognize this in coming attacks, they are not likely do this by pure chance and probably know what they are doing. These are waves you do not want to get hit by. If you are in compact and have no layers you better be closing your gates or expecting huge losses.


1- Notice the defender still has towers and the scouts have the highest attack value. This was a blind hit against someone attempting mech defense. Number 2 is the follow up.

2- Defender still has towers and once against another blind hit, however this time scouts do not have the highest attack value so phrax are able to wipe out the entire mech defense.

3- Great scenario here but still not the best. Defender has no archer towers and facing large amounts of spam with a huge viof phrax behind it. Best scenario would be only one single set of ranged defense resulting in likely no phrax losses and complete wipe of ranged units and much more if present.

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