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Honor Dumping

Post  Goddiva on Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:36 am

Posted on August 21, 2011 by Vi

Honor is hardly something you want to have a lot of in Evony. It’s reasonable to say you want to avoid it when possible or have the means to lose it quickly. Fights are won and lost on honor because of how far you can stretch your troops. Zero honor fighting someone with mass honor and penicillin means you’re getting a 65% heal verse your defender getting 13% heal. There are 3 main tactics to dump it so here they are.
1. Most obvious is to attack another player, but like i said this is not cost effective troop wise and when you are attacking someone to dump honor you’re not attacking to win. It is a huge waste of resources and not even that effective. I don’t see the point in this and you just look stupid when you tell someone you are honor dumping on them. Basically means you cant beat them.
2. This way is quick and you can lose quite of bit of honor. It does cost a lot of scouts and resources and will need a buddy for this. Take a valley directly next to someones city and reinforce it with as many scouts as you can spare. Fill your feasting so that your buddy does not lose any heroes. Have him attack it with 300 archers over and over again until scouts are all dead or you’ve lost your honor. Like I said it’s a very quick setup but you lose a lot of scouts and resources. As far as the archers he’s sending I’m sure that’s variable but we send what we know works. You can expect to lose about 7-10 million honor for about every million scouts that you kill.
3. The last major way is a treb city which is quite common. The issue with this is trebs take quite some time to build but if you plan ahead you will be ready. I’d suggest making 1-2 of these cities in fairly secure places. Take some slots out of your defense and build about 6-11k trebuchets. Make sure if you go pure treb you can afford to do it and not at risk of getting hit. Simply have a buddy with preferably more honor then you attack your city with 1-5k warriors. Make sure again your feasting hall is full. Make sure that you don’t clear your trebs or you have to rebuild them from scratch. I would not do this unless you have level 10 engineering for the repairs.

All methods are effective but if possible I would have trebuchet cities ready in advance and be prepared to do that and the valley method. Always when possible start your attacks with little or no honor to stretch your troops. When it’s war between alliances it’s obvious who’s winning by who has the least amount of honor. Keep your honor low, stretch your troops and make them count. The more honor they have the worse they heal.

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