Scout Bomb those Valleys

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Scout Bomb those Valleys

Post  Goddiva on Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:15 am

This game all comes down to little tricks someone is doing that you may not. Time is important especially when the map is getting full and your enemies are trying to get near you with fillers or just to port near. Set yourself up to scout bomb flats rather then using archer rainbows. Yes it’s more expensive and you lose more but when Evony clears the world map and flats are everywhere you will fill areas around you hours faster then you did before. You’ll be harder to scout, beautiful npc fields and most importantly wont have near filler accounts constantly lurking close by. Not controlling an entire state can be a good thing when there’s open flats everywhere but next to you. As you know those filler accounts have a habit of turning into war cities.

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