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Combat Heal Rate

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Posted on December 8, 2011 by Vi

Evony Combat Heal Rates


When it comes to attacking and defending one of the most important factors aside from actual battle mechanics and the result is how much you are healing. To lose a million troops with a 65% heal versus a 10% heal is a big deal. The chart you are seeing to the left is what it means to lose a million troops and the compound heal that is associated with this. Basically if you were to bring a million troops to a fight and after several attacks and heals it would stretch out to be worth really 2.85 million troops if you had a 65% heal rate. Obviously you would want to have a penicillin buffer on to achieve this. This article is a precursor to show the value of future articles that will follow. Knowing exactly how far you can extend your troops can help you estimate true cost of your troops.


As an attacker your goal should be to always maintain 0% honor while keeping your defenders honor high, this will stretch your troops by almost 3 times. This should be an easy task if you are the aggressor. When it’s a head to head fight make sure you are hitting first. Keep in mind that sending faster and ineffective waves to land before someone hits you actually kills several more troops. If you can avoid honor till your waves hit then do it. Remember that if you are fighting a good player they wont delay in dropping honor between rounds. Keep the heat on with well timed attack waves and little delay between sets. If you can keep them healing at 10% then just keep chipping away at their troops.


As a defender it is about avoidance of honor and honor dropping tactics. Use treb cities or scouting tactics to manage heal rates the best you can. If both players start a round with zero honor then scout them or send a minor attack to land just before their waves hit. The scouting tactic is clever as you may be able to do this for several rounds unnoticed. In addition use treb hits to drop honor between rounds or during. If you have enough treb cities or a system set up to drop honor try to time this around their waves. This can be a very effective way of ending their attacks early when they run out of troops.

Bring it together

Good heal rates are only one small part of the battle but have a major effect on the outcome. Remember to use proper defenses, layering, politic hero and a war hero in addition to controlling your heal rate. All of these concepts and other strategies will make you a very costly player to attack.

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