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Instant Defense

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Posted on December 9, 2011 by Vi

Instant Defense on the fly

Evony Incoming Attacks

The first thing you need to know is that to use this defense you will need to have an instant politic hero and/or attack hero. This is not a defense that your average player can use as it is hero dependent. The concept of this defense is very simple but may take some practice or it will be ineffective. This will most likely be used in situations where you are being mass attacked by one or more players and timing is extremely good. Mastering your timing of the stacks makes you a very difficult target and someone that is not worth hitting. If you are a big enough target you will face multiple attackers and this will be crucial.

Instant Wall Defending

There are different variations of when you would use something like this but the most common useage would be if you were in compact defense and facing lots of mechs or archers timed to the second. Because battle mechanics dictates that if ranged attackers are within range of a defenders towers then towers must be attacked first. Players will use their towers as a shield which is why compact is popular. However the issue is in cases of extremely good timing it will typically only stop the first initial mech. Once towers are gone this puts the defenders ranged troops in an exchange fire situation thus taking losses. Our goal is to obviously prevent this from happening by getting towers to pop up during the millaseconds between waves. You don’t always need to go full archer towers to stop a wave. Often times you can go minimal towers and your defending troops will kill the attackers while they engage your towers.

Evony Instant Tower Defense

Instant Troop Layering

Evony Instant Troop Defense

Troop layering is important because 1 single unit can make an attack ineffective. This can be done from one or several barracks to help layer between waves. Assuming you know what to layer with you would prevent a potential dangerous hit and massive troops losses. Even with an instant troop hero there is a lot of value in having multiple barracks as you only increase your odds of getting layered between the waves. The picture below could be an example of what you would do if someone was hitting you with scout loaded mechs to take down your catapult mech defense. Layering with one ballista in between waves causes the mech scout bombs to attack only the single ballista which is the first unit in front after the attackers mechs have died.

Implementing Instant Defenses

This task can sometimes be easier said then done but you have two options and sometimes it comes down to just getting lucky. You would first chose either another politic hero or attack hero that was not an instant hero, you would look at the time it took to queue a unit and use this as a time buffer. Queue multiple units to give yourself time but you are trying to have the units pop in around the time the attacks land. A suggestion here is to clog your barracks and/or walls with multiple “timed” units of different build times. You will attempt to adjust your time by removing stacks before stacking instant troops behind them. Having multiple barracks will help you do this easier and prevent getting hit without layers present.

The last option is to manually cancel the clogged queue as the waves are beginning to hit. Especially when it comes to your walls you only have one queue so i’d put your focus here if you are having to do walls and barracks. You will notice that when you cancel the clogged queue they don’t all immediately pop in which is what we want. The millisecond delays between the instants popping out is our goal and it can take 1-2 seconds for it to pop all your instant troops out. As mentioned before, sometimes it just comes down to getting lucky.

Best of luck using this

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