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Farming for Items/Ports

Post  Goddiva on Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:36 am

Farm Items and City Teleports in Evony

Posted on August 16, 2011 by Vi

It should be no secret to you that you can win items and city teleports from attacking and defending however did you realize you can win these items from a treb city? Now let’s be honest and for the most part the city teleports are the only thing you’re going to care about so we’ll talk to that. Here is what you need and why

Evony Build Times Trebuchets

■ Instant archer tower hero or higher! It’s quite simple to do however you will need a large politic hero, pretty much an instant archer hero atleast. Even with that it’s only going to be 3 second trebs which is fast but with what your going to be doing you need to have trebs building all the time.
■ Level 10 engineering! Not sure if you knew this but base defense regenerates if it is not complete wiped out. Defensive trebuchets regenerate from the base sum of 8% per level. That means 80% are restored. Do not let all your trebs die or you build them back from scratch.
■ Massive sums of stone and food. Do not underestimate how much of this you will need. You need this to build trebs and for your defense. It is wise to have so much there that if you are attacked you cannot be cleared in a short time. This gives plenty of time for someone to notify you.
■ A friend or an alt as close as possible. Since this person will be attacking you you’re going to want them real close. It is advisable that you put your treb city in a location that is difficult for someone to take a npc near you. Use valleys around you to put someone at a distance if they try. Last thing you want is someone 1 mile from you.
■ A full feasting hall. You can use this base to store heroes, make instant troops, etc but you do not want an empty slot in your hall. Empty slot means your attacker will lose heroes! Do not have your main attack hero rotate through this base.

So the process is simple, you have someone attack you over and over again with 1k to 5k warriors. I’ve tested the variations on this and it does seem that 5k warriors has a higher drop rate of city ports. This can be costly and I’d suggest the attacker have an instant warrior hero as they will go through mass warriors. This strategy costs a lot of resources so be prepared. Give the treb city good time to rebuild trebs and the attacker time to build warriors. Your odds of winning a port are quite low so you will need patience but i’d say it’s at least 1:50. Remember the higher the hero the quicker you can do it.

There are a few good side effects worth mentioning as well. Consider them and accomplish several things at once:

■ The attacker gains experience from attacking the treb city. Using 5k warriors you will gain about 200k experience or more! This is a very good way to jump start some heroes that are difficult to level like new pol heroes.
■ The hero that is major at the time the trebs complete will get the experience! If 11k trebs completed all at once you would get about 900k experience. That is half the experience you get from hitting a level 10. Imagine if you had an instant treb hero and continuously made trebs and broke them down? You could even level other heroes by creating a delay by queuing a unit that took a little time with no mayor. I’m sure you’re thinking now.
■ Ever wonder how some players on server have massive prestige? Treb cities give you quite a bit of prestige. Good to know if you like prestige right?
■ Defender can honor dump extremely fast.
■ Last but not least the free teleports the treb city defender gets!

Follow the steps and set up right and enjoy the free city ports! You can win a lot of ports but first you need that politics hero. Good luck!

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