Politics Hero (Double Queens)

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Politics Hero (Double Queens)

Post  Goddiva on Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:30 am

Evony Politics Heroes (Double Queen)

Posted on August 17, 2011 by Vi

Evony Politics Resource Production

If you want to be a great Evony player then you’re going to need big politic heroes. This seems like such an obvious things to do but as I go through the game I’m amazed at how many people never thought of this. Run your bases with two or more politic heroes aka your “Queen” early on. You will want to get your politics with the highest possible base hero you can find as it’s going to be a long road.

One will be farming while the other plays mayor. Early in the game this is an essential strategy as you add more bases you are prepared to have yet another strong politic hero at your new base. As the game advances your heroes will level at the same rate rather then you queen only getting experience for troops completing queues. Look at some of the benefits of starting this nice and early.
1. Much more resources in the long run
2. Faster construction of your main base and all expansion bases
3. Faster fortifications, this is extremely important if someone is trying to take down your range and convert you to CD.
4. Politic heroes high enough for power leveling. You may have read the post about creating instant politic heroes. Doing this is what got them started.
5. This game is all about the little things and the shortcuts that you take. The resources may not seem like much of a difference hourly but when you look over the course of day and several bases it can make a huge effect. You don’t want to be throwing that much resource away.

The chart assumes full techs, 10 valleys, either pure level 10 ironmills or sawmills, production bonus and then obviously your politics hero as mayor. This may not be ideal numbers for everyone but I can promise you big players have it just like this. These numbers are for one single base, imagine you have nine bases all with strong politic heroes and the difference it can make.

While I’m sure you wont likely run into a player with a 2000 political hero it is sure interesting to know. Most expected someone with a hero that large to actually be getting much much more but the thing you need to realize is having big heroes across all bases is like having that big hero. If you have 10 political heroes at 10 bases under the same circumstances all with 200 politics then that bottom line is your production. If you aren’t running a double queen I would suggest doing it now and get your production going!

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