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Instant Politics Hero

Post  Goddiva on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:23 pm

Get an Instant Politic Hero in Evony

Posted on August 15, 2011 by Vi

Evony Build Times Archer Towers

In most servers this has become very important as the server progresses and is vital in defense against good attackers. Within this subject we can address a range of topics from resource bonuses, much faster construction speeds, winning items/ports (did I get your attention?), ability to rapidly lose honor and lastly the defensive perks that come with it. If you are going to make an instant politic hero I would suggest going big. There will be little reward for going half way and 1 second archer towers is not even close to the same benefit as instant. In my opinion you have 4 options on how high you go and any less is a shame. Here they are:

Evony Build Times Trebuchets
1. Instant Archer towers-826 Politics
2. Trebs (2 seconds)-847 Politics
3. Trebs (1 seconds)-928 Politics
4. Instant Trebs-1066 Politics

So here’s the deal, all are great options but as you go higher up it will take progressively longer to get this hero but the reward is greater when it comes to winning items. I will write a post on this subject at a future date. You will need a decently high queen/politic hero to start. You will want to find a queen with the highest base politics and the most points in her already. You need to be able to use holy water on her so that you can add roughly 220 attack. We do 220 because that seems to be a good number for hitting 10s when losses are not too bad. Ok so do we have the hero now?

With this new hero you will never upgrade or add points to her from here forward. You will be hitting strickly lvl 10 npcs. Now time is precious and treat it as so. You do not want to hit a 10 outside of 1.4 miles from any base and you want to use multiple bases. You send this hero without transports or any unit that is slower then your archers. Experience on npcs resets every 60 minutes so you can hit the same npcs again! Like I said time is important. Some players are ok with hitting at one single base but I am not. Assuming you have help and can level around the clock it would be in your best interest to hit as many npcs as possible. Now consider if you had 4 locations all with 4 lvl 10 npcs all within 1 mile of each other.

Travel time: 4minutes there and back

You could hit roughly 15 npcs within 1 hour under ideal circumstances! That’s about 27 million experience for your hero every hour and 648m experience in one day. That is the best scenario possible but I think you’re getting the idea. You will need roughly 6.3 Billion experience saved up for instant archer towers and roughly 6.7 Billion for 2 second trebs. This is all based on your heroes base of course but it’s a reasonable estimation. If you are using help goals actually is not the quickest way, scripts is. This will take a fair amount of set up but I can assure you this is worth it! I will eventually add a calculator to help you know where you are at but in the mean time you will be flying blind so it may be a good idea to have a few on wars saved up if possible. When you are in range you will simply holy water again, upgrade hero and apply points. This will save you a very large amount of holy water doing this way. The same method could also get you high intel or attack heroes. Different being is you dont have to use holy water on your attack of course. I hope this post helps and inspires you to have a top politic hero on your server! Good luck everyone!


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