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Instant Troop Bases

Post  Goddiva on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:03 pm

Evony Instant Troop Bases

Posted on August 16, 2011 by Vi

Instant Troop Population Breakdown

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard someone in Evony bragging about having an instant hero and they can now build mass troops at once. They are demoing everything in their base just to get their population up. The want only one barracks because why would you possible need more? They seem smart right?

I would say just the opposite, they will no doubt realize they can stack troops by putting something in the first queue like some catapults with no mayor. They are not thinking big picture however. One barracks in your base can only hold 1 slot to clog/stack and 9 slots of instant troops behind it. Going multiple barracks does lower your population but it gives you several more slots to put instant troops.

The chart on the site represents what it would be like to take a 10 and demo the stable,forge and work shop. I’m not saying you need to go with 12 barracks and 12 cottages so you could stack the most troops but going only 1 barracks seems foolish.

Pick something you can live with in the middle and save yourself the cost of food and actually have defensive options. Stacking barracks can save you a lot of resources if you do it right. I realize it takes some time to set this up but the resources you save are with it. You can release different types of troops as needed. The ability to layer when getting attacked is important and when you forfeit the barracks to time against waves you may lose everything.

Imagine rolling up to someone and magically 2 million archers are there or maybe they are suddenly impossible to scout because 7 million scouts are present. Once you do this once attackers will think every base has some surprise waiting. When your enemies think you baiting them all the time who is going to want to attack you? Something to think about right?

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