Power Levelling with Stone

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Power Levelling with Stone

Post  Goddiva on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:00 pm

Power Leveling with Stone in Evony

Posted on October 15, 2011 by Vi

Evony Treb Hero Experience

This has been a subject many of talked about but few are actually ever able to do it. Did you know that you can level heroes using stone and your fortifications? That’s right, when you build a treb you get 83 experience per treb you make. The hero that is currently mayor will receive all experience for this. Now the problem is very few people will actually get the politics hero to do this. In order for this to be worth your time you must have an instant treb hero and this will be no easy task. The next issue is this will take lots and lots of stone. Food is required however it is nothing compared to the stone that you will use.

Here are the numbers:
■ Costs 8,000 Stone per treb (88,000,000 stone for 11k Trebs)
■ You can build a maximum of 11,000 trebs at one time.
■ You get 83 experience per treb created.
■ You get 30% resources back when you demo trebs

Now if you’ve done the math that is 913,000 experience for every full set of trebs made or roughly half the experience of hitting a level 10 npc. Basically 2 sets is like hitting a npc! For the sake of numbers I’m simply assuming we do 11k. As far as the chart is concerned it has taken into account the cost of the stone as well as the stone you get back when you tear down your trebs.

The process

Simply select no mayor or a very bad politics mayor and clog your fortification queue with “1″ item. Switch to your instant treb hero and queue all the remaining trebs you can. You should have 2 items in your fortification queue now. You will want to now change your heroes to whatever hero you would like to level. You have 2 options, you can either cancel the “1″ fortification or simply wait for it to build and all the instant trebs will build right behind it. Tear down your fortifications and you simply repeat over and over again.

Evony Power Leveling with Trebs


This is a great way in particular to level a brand new hero and get it leveled high enough to hit 10s. Leveling heroes higher then that can work as well, however you will notice in the chart i’ve included on the site that it can get quite costly and you will need massive amount of stone for this. It is questionable if this is worth doing. It does have it’s advantages, if you do have the stone you can level much much faster then simply hitting 10s. However getting large quantities of stone is the challenging part and will take some time to get. If you have any creative ways of getting billions/trillions of stone please let me know. I hope this helps anyone able to do so, wondering about it or never knew.

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