Progression of Heroes

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Progression of Heroes

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Evony Progression of Heroes
Posted on October 15, 2011 by Vi

Leveling Heroes

I am writing this post as more of a guideline on what heroes to focus on and when. Everyone has their own way of leveling heroes and if your way works by all means do it however you want. This I believe will really help a player on an existing or new server get a jump on the competition. If you haven’t read this article before please make sure you read this first as it will help.

Power Leveling Heroes


In previous alliances I’ve hosted I was very serious about constantly leveling your hero because your hero is the game. I would kick players who weren’t leveling. Everything else can be replaced. It is stupid to think that you can level multiple heroes at the same time. Focus on one hero at a time and commit all extra resources to it’s training. Don’t be the guy with several low range heroes in every base, be the guy with the big hero that can make troops the fastest.


As mentioned before everyone as their own style but I can assure you that players that have gone by this general guideline have always tended to be bigger. From the start of this process make sure you are running two queen per city. Here are your goals.

Evony Build Times Archers

1. Attack hero 160+. Assuming we are starting from scratch your first goal must be to farm 10s. Isolate one hero and send your hero against as many 5s you can hit in one hour and repeat.
2. Attack hero 220+. During this period you will be struggling on hit to keep up with archers, continue to hit 10s and farm 5s with ballistas. This is a very slow period.
3. Attack hero 821. Do you wonder why I magically said 821 huh. That is because this is one second archers, this is a big deal. Your time is literally cut in half from 2 second archers to 1 second. Now listen to this part, do not exceed 821 at this point as you would have a much longer road. Most often you would not benefit from instant archers as you would either lack resources or population. Don’t get caught up in the attack ladder.
4. Second Attack hero to 821. Now hopefully you will have other heroes that are either in range to farm 10s or close. This hero will operate as a back up hero in case anything ever happened. Trust me stuff does. Use this hero as a floater hero for scouting or a population base. Production of this hero will go much faster as you have 1 second archers.
5. Politic hero. At this stage you will want to take your best politic hero and holy water it to attack. Remember I said to run two queens. This is why, if you listened this hero will likely be in range or close to farming 10s. You want this hero to 220s and do not add any points again.
6. Politic hero, 220 attack with 6.6+ Billion experience saved. This is a rough estimate on what you need, if you started with a weaker pol hero go higher. Save some on wars just in case you come short. This hero will be 826 with excal. An instant archer tower hero is very important as the game progresses. In addition you are now in position to start farming ports. Read the other article for info on that.
7. Second Politics hero, 826. Follow the same process, you will likely have a war city at this point in the game. Keep one hero in a war city and another in a trebuchet city to win ports.
8. Attack hero, 824 without excal. You are now at 1030 with an excal for instant cav and much faster mechs. You are also now at one second archers without excal and no longer need to purchase them unless you need to up production.
9. Second instant cav hero, you are getting this hero for back up reasons as before.
10. At this point in the game you now have a very strong account, you have a few options depending on your situation. My suggestion is now go for an intel hero for defense. This is a rare hero to get and you wont see many of these on a server. This hero would typically have 220 attack and upwards of 850 intel. You would build this roughly the same way you build your pol heroes but dont bother using holy water. I will go into more detail in another article about the intel hero aka “war hero”. If you dont chose this path either start another attack hero or another politics hero. Some people at this point choose to water a pol hero and take it to instant trebs. This is an extremely long process so be prepared.


You should never stop working on heroes and always protect them. Never use your good heroes on actual attacks and you may eventually lose them. Build mech heroes but dont level them to high if you’re eventually gonna lose them. Another great end game strategy is fill up one base with several strong heroes and use this as a scouting hub to support your war city. Hope this helps act as a guide. Good luck.

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