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Farming Cities

Post  Goddiva on Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:45 pm

Farming in Evony

There is a lot of different tactics on how to farm and how to set up bases, with that said there is not a cookie cutter approach and for best results adjust your farming to the specific situation. This is just a suggestion as many different variations have been tried but this was found to work best for myself. Paying close attention to the small details over several cities makes a massive difference.


This may seem like quite an obvious thing to do but you’d be surprized how often people dont make their city fields all one resource. This is about maximizing the valleys and the fields you have. Fields must all be one resource and you should be actively working to get them all upgraded to level 10. If you are concerned about population, why? This is a feeder city. You should not be loaded up on barracks and population is not a problem.


Why would you not take valleys to maximize your resources, once again make sure your farm fields are all the same. One city that is setup well is worth the resources of multiple cities. You will be taking level 10 valleys of the same type. Refer to the resources chart and you can get an idea of how much this real means. The devil is in the details.


All non essential buildings should be demo’d. For an initial 10 build this would include stable, workshop, forge, inn and market. You are probably wondering why I said both inn and market. The reason you initially demo both is because there is no reason to have a level 10 inn and a level 10 market. When you first need heroes you have a level 1 inn so that you can chose heroes with a high base. After your heroes have been recruited convert it to a level 1 market. This can be very easily flip flopped in the future and also save a spot. This is what I recommend on other buildings.
■ 12 cottages, give you enough for 40 level 10 fields and enough to easily queue troops.
■ 7 barracks, you don’t need much more then this because this city is for farming, not for building troops. This many barracks is enough to passively recover farm teams quickly.
■ 6 warehouses, now this seems like overkill right? That is the entire point. These warehouses can protect your farm teams when gates are closed from refuging. You can easily comfort with this and your market can get you food long enough to comfort. The next and most major point is nobody is going to invest a lot of time in a city with 6 warehouses after noticing them on a scouting report. Would you? I think not.

This is just a suggested way of running and like mentioned before everyone will have their own style but remember this is a farming city. If you for some reason think you need a lot more barracks then you should probably rethink the purpose of this city.

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