The MONSTER Manual (1st Edition)

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The MONSTER Manual (1st Edition)

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The MONSTER Manual (1st Edition)
By: Dirty Sheepdip, and Villarian.
The MONSTER Manual aims to aid in the procurement of medals. This is a ‘No Loss’ method. It takes patience, but no coins…
0.) Make sure your valley slots are filled, you should not conquer the valleys. (if you conquer and release a valley, the defending armies change; if you only attack them, the armies stay the same…)

1.) scout all lvl8, 9 & 10 valleys around you.

2.A.) take note of ones that have NO Archers or Cavalry defending.
B.) take note of ones that have ONLY Archers defending.

3.A.) If NO Archers or Cavalry: send ONLY 30k Archers. (if there are 25k defending troops or more and you're using a low ATK hero, you can send a few more...)
B.) If ONLY Archers: send about the same number of Cavalry as there are Archers, and 1 Scout. (will lose the scout.)

4.) Take note of the time it takes to attack each valley. Valleys refresh an hour after being hit. You want to hit them after they have refreshed.
so..…you could hit 1 valley that’s 30+ minutes away over and over again...(30mins return after hit, then 30mins back to hit again.)
or..…you could hit 3 valleys that are about 10mins away…

or some such combination…just make sure its been an hour since you hit the same valley again.

One City Example:
Hero1: 1st valley 5mins away
2nd valley 12mins away
3rd valley 14mins away
Hero2: 1st valley 21mins away
2nd valley 10mins away
Hero3: 1st valley 3mins away
2nd valley 29mins away

When hero gets back from their last valley, send them back to the first…

5.) Then just cycle through them over and over again…from each of your cities…J
*I’ve found you can get any medal from any valley some are just more rare than others.
*I’ve also found that hero types don’t seem to matter either.
***for good karma, always say MONSTER!!! in alliance chat when one gets a medal.***


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