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Monster Medal Manual

Post  Guest on Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:15 pm

1.) scout all lvl8, 9 & 10 valleys around you.

2.) take note of ones that have NO Archers or Cav defending.*

3.) send 30k Archers. (if there are 25k defending troops or more and you're using a low atk hero, you can use a few more...).

-make sure your valley slots are filled, you should not conquer the valleys. (that resets their armies...).
-take note of round trip time. valleys refresh an hour after being hit. you want to hit them refreshed. could hit 1 valley thats 30+ minutes away over and over again...(30mins return after hit, then 30mins back to hit again). could hit 3 valleys that are about 10mins away. cycle through them over and over again

-just make sure you hit them after an hour since last hit so they are refreshed.

-ive found you can get any medal from any valley some are just more rare than others, and hero types dont seem to matter either.
*you can also hit valleys that have ONLY archers.
-send about the same number of Cav as there are archers, and 1 scout. (will lose scout)

ps: forgot to mention at the top, this is for medal farming with NO army losses.


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